Saturday, 30 April 2011

DIY shorts

After seeing Bitching and Junkfood for Urban Outfitters 7 deadly pairs of shorts I decided that I too would also make myself a pair and save myself the hefty price tag of £75 ! Today i bought in loads of different materials and fabrics and felt so creative and started making away .

All i did was cut up my "pleather" skirt and draw out crosses and cut them out and glued them on with fabric glue and then cut out studs and stick them around the pockets and wollaa I have myself a pair of  urban outfitters shorts. By the way I never knew that material was so expensive ! any one know any good fabric stores online and cheap ??? 

Friday, 29 April 2011

Dont climb when wearing heels

I tried climbing in a pair of heels today and wasnt a good idea . scraped my heels and my knee ! suppose I should have known better! I like 1.9 other billon people tuned in today to see the wedding of Kate and William ! I had a sneaky feeling that she would be wearing an Alexander McQueen dress , she looked stunning loved the lace detail at the top ! Finally got paid and ordered a good few things online cant wait to show you them all ! check out also some items I have on ebay at the min HERE . Theres only a few things on all from Topshop so check them out !

loved wearing these bright colours felt so summery. aww and I have bad news ! I broke my camera when i went out last night so had to buy a new digital one just. Think I'm going to move up in the world though and get a proffessional one . cant wait !

Monday, 25 April 2011

Emerald green

I know I know its been 2 weeks since I last updated ! super disapointed with myself as I always hate those bloggers who wait about 2 weeks for another post ! I love updating my blog but recently the sun has done me no justice and instead of using the opportunity to take nice sunny pictures I have been drinking in the sun meaning my liver has had a hard few days! I'm not a big drinker but my best friend is only just back from uni and I felt it appropriate ! Cannot wait to get paid on thursday to do some serious retail therapy . also cannot wait to see kate and williams wedding and cant wait to see kate;'s dress and find out who the lucky designer was !

Skirt from urban outfitters, blouse from Topshop also worn here , Turban from ebay, shoes from shoesone

Monday, 11 April 2011

Vibrant colours

Sorry for not posting on Saturday like i promised I was super busy and had a girls night and completely forgot to. Im really in love with the colour blocking trend at the minute and I find myself going online everyday to look at what Zara has new online as I personally feel they are doing the best colour blocking at the minute. Their April look book is amazing ! check it out if you have time !

Friday, 8 April 2011

Aztec top

Hello everyone . I went to see westlife on Wednesday and they were amazing !!! really put on an amazing performance , Next stop now is Kings of Leon then Bon Jovi cannot wait !! sun is finally giving us the weather we deserve and today the sun is shinning. shame I have too much revision to do to enjoy it and hate the fact im working at 5 ! this post is a typical what I would call "travel wear" this is what I wore traveling to westlife . Its just casual which is something Im not regularly seen in ! Thanks also to everyone for your comments on my last post !! 88 comments , thats an all time high ! never expected as many good comments , your all amazing ! Have a lot of outfits at the minute in my head and I really cant wait to show you . I will show you one of them tomorrow !

Saturday, 2 April 2011

sun your blinding me

Today the weather did not have a clue what it wanted. one minute the sun was shinning and I had all these ambitious plans of going up the town and taking blog pictures, next thing I know the rain is lashing and my plans were dashed then the sun came up again and I decided to seize the moment before the weather changed its mind again, In hindsight I probably should have wore sunglasses as the sun was blinding me ! Congratulations to the winner of my giveaway ! and thanks to everyone for entering !

the skirt im wearing in this post im in love with ! and it sold out within an hour online at asos. what do you think?

Ps sorry for the fact that you can see my mammy taking these pictures ! really need to get myself a proffessional camera . i need help Im only a beginner so what would you recommend ???

Friday, 1 April 2011

and the winner is ,,,,,

For some reason I am unable to post the random generator as it means that I have to save the link as a page and cant as a picture? really weird. the winner is number 35 ! congratulations beatrice ! I will contact you today with the details , thanks for everyone for entering and following my blog. wish I had a pair of sunglasses for everyone !