Tuesday, 6 December 2011

New exciting news

Hey everyone , feels like ages since I was even active on this. To be honest I had a lot going on with family, exams and also some exciting news! I will be opening my very own facebook store within the next couple of weeks selling vintage studded shorts, blouses and just loads of other great things vintage! once its up and running you will be the first to know!! The shorts I am wearing in this post are my very own ones which will be getting sold on my page! cannot wait to show you all :) the pictures arent very clear but I will show you all some clear ones soon ! Just realising also that i now have 310 followers ! As i always promise for every hundred followers I get I will do a giveaway so a giveaway will be soon to follow !

Bowler hat from River Island similar one shown HERE, which I love that little bit more and they have it in burgendy! Top from Topshop. Shorts are levis which I are a DIY and can be purchased from my store yayy, heels can be found HERE, cross earings are from Urban Outfitters really cheap ones however can be found from forever21 HERE, peace necklace also from Urban Outfitters but similar one can be seen HERE

I look like someone from the simpsons in these pictures im that yellow. I blaming the flash anyway :)

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Red Velvet

Hello everyone . I dont have any Halloween pictures, Well no good ones that show my costume sorry but Ill try and see if I can find even one lol . Im such a dedicated blogger, I probably should be doing some uni work now but instead im updating this . Any excuse not to do work I suppose. Im soo excited ! im travelling down to Dublin in the morning and staying for the weekend and going to see the Red Hot Chilli Peppers! cannot wait !!

Velvet dress from Topshop similar one found HERE, Peace necklace from Urban Outfitters similar one found HERE, Creepers can be found HERE and Hat can be found HERE ,get it while its reduced !

Monday, 31 October 2011

Velvet and Sequins

Happy Halloween everyone !! I love halloween its one of my favourite times in the year. Im so glad my gran is a dress maker otherwise I would be useless! Im doing a mermaid whats everyone else doing ?? Il show you all my costume tomorrow ! Im really loving velvet at the minute, I find myself searching just velvet into ebay just to find something velvet !

Top from Topshop similar one found HERE, Velvet Body con from Ebay , Boots from Ebay but similar ones found HERE, Bowler hat found HERE

Ps sorry for the orange arms its Halloween and my stomach and arms are going to be exposed so need to be tan lol . If you get a chance I just set up my own facebook page could you like it, Thanks HERE

Sunday, 16 October 2011

They say blue and green should never be seen

Hey everyone :) Heres the post I was excited about . Im going to make this really quick as its like wuater past 2 and im working at 3 and i havent started getting ready lol . I had a really good night out last night, Im dien today though which isnt good :( did anyone do anything last night . and yayy I have my bowler hat back . Thank god!

Top from Urban outfitters , Jeans from Topshop can be found HERE, Heels from Topshop, Hat from River Island similar ones HERE

Love this top, really reminds me of the christopher kane one . Really starting to think I should start taking my pictures at somewhere more creative what you think? 

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Lace and stripes

This is just a quick post before I go out tonight, Its my friends Birthday so im going out , really excited ! This is a post I was wearing yesterday but Ive also took another outfit post today which im even more excited to show as I love it that little bit more. Whats everyones weekends plans ? is anyone doing anything exciting???

Stripped top from Topshop, Skirt from Topshop, Bag from Ebay similar one HERE, Sheer socks from Primark, Heels from Topshop

I couldnt find my bowler hat for this post, I felt lost without it to be honest . O by the way what do you think of my new shoes???

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Red and Leather

Hiya everyone :) im loving blogging so much Ive done a few posts in a few days and i might even have another one tomorrow depending on how Im feeling, I really feel like im coming down with something! My boyfriend was sick all this week and now I feel like im getting it because im very tired and have a sore throat :(  Well anyway I had been after a leather pleated skirt for a while and seen one in River Island for like 75pound, I couldnt push myself though to justify it and I managed to pick up this one for 20pound on Ebay more or less exactly similar!!

Skirt from Ebay similar one found HERE or HERE. the second link is the one I originally wanted ! how similar are they ??!! Red Blazer from River Island,  Top from Topshop, Socks from Primark similar ones found HERE, Hat from River Island similar one found HERE and Shoes from Topshop

Sunday, 9 October 2011


As promised here is the post with the creepers ! Really love them but unfortunatly my feet doesnt , they cut them so bad :( ! Wow i really dont know myself posting like 3 posts and I will also have another 1 tomorrow really excited to show you all :)

Creepers - similar ones found HERE
Jeans from Topshop
Top from Urban Outfitters
Hat from River Island similar one found HERE
So what do all you think of creepers? to be honest last night I got a drink with my friends and they were hit and miss with them , To be honest though I dont care I loveee them :) 

Saturday, 8 October 2011


I feel like I havent got a new pair of heels in soo long and feels like my wardrobe is slowly decreasing and nothing is getting added so  I decided to FINALLYYY treat myself to much needed retail therapy !

Creepers similar ones found HERE
Studded flats from Office 
Heels from Topshop 

I love my new creepers! i know there not everyones cup of tea and they werent mine at the beginning but I really couldnt help myself falling in love with them !! I will show an outfit post later with them !! I got them for like 30pound ?? the studded flats were seen on Fearne cotton and i couldnt resist !!!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Huge dots

Hello everyone ! this is probably the longest Ive ever left blogging! But the good thing is ! I have loads of outfits im going to show with you in the next few days ! cannot wait! Ive been using 20percent student discount in River Island, Topshop and ASOS to full advantage I can assure you ! so I didnt end up getting my canon 550d , so gutted , My mobile broke so I had to put my prioroties in place so i got an Iphone 4 ! and I love love love it!! and in fact the camera is better than my own camera so I used it for todays pictures actually !

Blouse from Topshop similar one can be found HERE, Hat from River Island similar one found here with studs which i love HERE, Shorts from Topshop similar ones HERE, socks from Primark, Heels also from Topshop, Necklace from Dohorthy perkins

Monday, 29 August 2011

Crochet shorts

Hello everyone . As I always mention im the worst blogger ever and never update my blog but in fairness I have been really busy and the only time I seem to have free at the minute is night times and I personally hate night time pictures esp when you have a crappy camera like mine that never shows the clothes properly lol really cannot wait to get my new canon because to be honest the one I have is literally ready for the bin! It was crap before but now its even worse for the simple fact that I dropped it when I was seeing Eminem and at the minute its a bit temperamental. Wellll that's enough complaining for today. I had an amazing time at eminem !! He was unbelievable, was not expecting the performance he put on but he didnt disappoint!! Im now a bigger fan than I was before, he blew me away and im sure the other 43,000 who turned up!

Top from Topshop, Shorts from Urban Outfitters similar ones can be found Here or Here
Heels from Topshop, Bag from New look, Belt from Primark but similar one found Here

Absolutely love these shorts! can be worn with nearly everything and i love pairing it with a rock tee as I probably do almost anything.