Saturday, 29 January 2011

I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited

Im completely in love with Adele's new album , she really is amazing ! I love the song someone like you, yeah I know its depressing and sad but it gives me shivers every time. I literally have it on repeat constantly. Its my birthday tommorrow and I finally got a dress however lets hope it fits because I didn't even try it on. I got some amazing buys yesterday and today in primark for shockingly cheap prices ! the dress im wearing in my post is from primark and cost £6 !!

The heels im wearing can be found on Topshop !

Friday, 28 January 2011

love is like a pair of glasses, you put them on and the world looks different

Sorry I havent been updating my blog, I've been really busy with starting back at university unfortunately but im back now and I'm back with a vengeance , Im so grateful of everyones comments especially in my last post which got an all time high of 66 comments so far and counting. Thanks to all my new followers your great ! well its my birthday on sunday and the bottom line is I still havent got a dress, im seriously freaking out and its wayyy to late to order something online as it will never be here on time. my only solution is to go to belfast tomorrow and hope for the best. say a prayer for me that I get something.

Friday, 21 January 2011

and im free falling

You know im really proud of myself, I have definitely kept my new years resolution to update my blog more often well so far and I also intend to keep doing so as its great getting amazing comments from everyone. thanks! However I dread the thought of Monday coming and going back to university and having less time to myself. I had a brilliant day today however a kind of crappy night as I'm sitting in on a friday night and my boyfriend is away out however its giving me time to watch a serious omnibus of gossip girl and maybe watch ythe new harry potter film ? oh yea and by the way Im also wearing my new shoes I was talking about recieving yesterday . 

 what do you guys think of my sam edelman remakes . I got them for 34 pound including postage ! love them , They have such a huge platform that I must be a good few inches taller ! I also got my jacket for 12 pound including postage which was a bargain !

Thursday, 20 January 2011

man i feel like a woman

This look made me feel so elegant and a lot older for my age but I loved it ! I loved the mid length flowy skirt, it reminded me of the 50s era, I bought this skirt yesterday in Topshop and I love it and I think this summer I might buy many more of this style. I also wore my new heels in the tan colour with socks. And I had a brilliant delight today, shoes which I ordered online came today which I wasnt expecting to come to at least another week came at last and I literally wore them about the house all day only to take them off to change into my tan ones. Ill show you guys them later.

the poko dots on this skirt are really hard to see, can anyone recommend a good camera to take pictures with??

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

so rock and roll so corporate suit, so damn ugly so damn cute

Hellooo everyone , today I was working hard all day and decided that I may as well get my business wear for work considering its over on Sunday and I may as well use my discount right. I purchased a beautiful mid length skirt and a leopard print jacket which I will be wearing in this post. I also purchased an amazing blacky purple lipstick, cant wait to get the chance to wear it. I've also decided when Im going to wear my red dress, valentines day, cant wait !!

The above jacket is the one i got for business wear, what do you think? I also wore my new shoes , i think im in love ,

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

shoes for dinner

Im super excited for everyones SS11 collection to see the amazing shoes, a few days ago I fell in love with two pairs from Topshop online and after failing to decide which colour I should get I thought what the hell and got the two pairs, they came today and i had them waiting for me after work , love it when that happens. They kind of remind me of the Jessica Simpson dany ones . I loveee them !! However after clearing out my wardrobe I have decided that it should be at least another month before I should buy another pair of heels as I simply have to many !!

Im in love with the big chunky wooden heel at the minute, the question is though can a woman have too many shoes??

Monday, 17 January 2011

please dont put your life in the hands of a rock and roll band who will throw it all away

I had an amazing day off today  , literally all i did was sleep . was long overdue and I feel as bright as a fiddle! the title post is from the lyrics of my favourite band of all time ! oasis, i just hope they get back together just for an one off gig and im there !

Had this beauty around 5 years , love it !

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Smells like teen spirit

I had a brilliant day today, I didnt know myself with having a saturday off work so I decided to go shopping and take my little brother out for something to eat. Im such a good sis. Im in love with my new red leather fringe jacket which I got from an ebay vintage seller for £35 !

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Its only rock and roll

Hello I had an amazing day today I had the most amazing facial , was a bit pricey though but well worth it !! I also decided to book myself and my boyfriend in for a massage for next week, cant wait ! Im such a good girlfriend , I then had a beautiful meal in the exchange with my boyfriend. I didnt know myself with being off all day. This look has been inspired y the SS11 Snake Valley collection by Topshop.

What do you think? Im in love with my new hat !