Friday, 2 November 2012

New shoes

Its now officially winter and there are only 52 days until Christmas ! how close does that sound!! I haven't updated this in over a month now and only when I looked at the date did I realize how long I've left it! I'm such a dosser, Its not that I don't have time because I do its just because Its soooo cold outside that most of the time Id rather lay in bed with my hot water bottle than go out to the freezing cold. This post is just showing you all the new shoes that Ive purchased and will be wearing in my new blog posts! I promise I'm gona post an outfit on sunday and monday!! Its been too long and ive missed blogging.

I finally managed to buy myself the "prestigious Lita Jeffrey Campbell boots" It was seriously long overdue and already I'm thinking about where my next pair of Jeffrey Campbells is coming from!! honestly If you havent bought them yet buy them from office as they literally go with everything and are so comfy. As for the Topshop vectra5 slippers although I love them I am dissapointed as to the quality of them, granted they were cheap at £28 so what could I expect, but after wearing them a few times the sole is starting to lift on them!!. and as for the creepers, well they speak for themselves. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them :) Think I might even wear them in my next post. Has anyone else treated themselves to any nice shoes recently??