Monday, 25 October 2010

who wears short shorts. i wear short shorts (8)

I absolutely love short shorts, who doesnt ? a must have for the summer with bare legs but now becoming a must have in the winter wardrobe wore with either tights or knee high socks.

I love short shorts. I seen on look recently there is some AMAZING pairs on urban outfitters !! must get myself a pair when I get paid on friday . These shorts are currently on sale on Topshop so grab yourself a pair they match with everything

btw did anyone see the piers morgan with cheryl cole , think I love Cheryl Cole again

Thursday, 21 October 2010

I put some new shoes on and everything going to be alright (8)

Heya :D  Today i decided that I should treat myself to a new pair of heels, first there was a pair on Topshop online which i fell in love with but for some reason Topshop online was running extremely slow does anyone know why this was ?

I didnt even get to order the shoes yet. I then  on my lunch break from stressful university life decided to call into River Island where i feel in love with 3 pairs of shoes however could only buy one , might get the other two when im paid. Dreading going home though as my mammy will go crazy if she sees a new pair of heels.

Does anyone else love the colour camel as much of me . I cant imagine myself never wearing It. whats your opinion on my new shoes. Shoes are defintly a womans best friend

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

rock chick look

Hey how you all been ? . well today i had a brilliant day , was working then did a little bit of shopping and then went for a meal and the cinema to see The Social Network. I LOVED it. Kind of reminded me of Catch me If you can.

Has anyone seen it and what do you think ?

Please let me know what you think , thank ya

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

loving the colour camel at the minute

Today I had a really long day , Got up early thinking that the Topshop sale started today so I wanted to get a peek at what was online only to find that it doesnt start until Thursday  . I then had to rush to get ready for work, then find  halloween costume so dont mind the pictures they dont look the best lol

I absolutely love these heels and bag !! I get numerous compliments on both these items when I wear them. the shoes are to die for .