Tuesday, 14 June 2011

More pleats

Sorry I know i haven't updated in ages but ive been so busy with work , Im working full time you see now at the minute and by the time I usually come home from work I be too exhausted to take any blog pictures. Its also official Im never having my boyfriend do my blog pictures ever again. He constantly laughs and puts me off lol . Im also going on holidays in 19 days ! so excited !

Skirt vintage, Boots from Topshop, Top from Topshop, Headband from River Island

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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Marley and Me

Hey everyone  . Ultan got the most cuttest puppie this week and named him Marley ! Hes so adorable and is offically the weirdest dog ever. It lays in some of the weirdest postitions . Check my Facebook to get an idea. Its like having a kid in the house as Ultan has to get up at night times with him lol so funny ! Ive been working flat out. Not complaining though at the minute as my holidays are fastly coming closer !!! It was offically 1 month yesterday .Well im going to try and make this short and sweet as its now 7.00 and Im going out and need to be ready for 8.00 and havent started ahhh!

Skirt from an Ebay seller, Heels from Topshop, Top from Topshop and Daisy chain headband from Primark. ASOS sunglasses

literally have so many pleated skirts at the minute ! this post was from yesterday and was wearing another pleated one today lol im obsessed. O I also went to see the Hangover 2 last night . one word - hilarious ! best liner "my uncle once saw an abino polar bear" hahaha