Thursday, 30 December 2010

Pencil full of lead

Below is my christmas outfit however the pictures arent from christmas as I couldnt find my camera charger on christmas day which was a bumer !! Im really loving pencil full of lead by paolo Nutini, he is truely brilliant and that is what inspired me for the name of this post and the fact that im also wearing a pencil skirt lol .

Thanks to my friend nicole who did my hair in a dougnut and managed to do so without using any clips !! Cant believe its so close to the new year. I have no idea what my new years resolution is going to be either ! . whats everyone elses resolutions ?????

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Happy Kind of Belated christmas

Sorry for the serious delay in posting I have been flat out working and enjoying christmas nights out etc. I had an amazing christmas I hope everyone else had a good one also. My wardrobe is bigger now than ever before through getting spoilt rotten and also spoiling myself which is essential !!

I got this amazing coat from Topshop which was £95 however with my discount I got it for a bargain of £72. I dont think I ever want to take it off my back. Have any of you got anything for christmas that you dont think you ever want to leave off ???

Id just like to give a massive thanks to my little brother who is 8 for taking these pictures whilst standing on a chair lol. As you can see im wearing my bargain shoes from River Island which cost only £25! O i almost forgot my other shoes from River Island just arrived today I love them  . I will keep you posted. xoxo

Friday, 24 December 2010

Shoe Frenzy

As you guys probably already know Topshop and River Island sale have both started today with the shoe sale starting yesterday ! I decided that i would therefore treat myself to some sale bargain shoes that I had been after for some while and with their cheap price I couldnt resist any longer !! However due to sleeping on in my bed I didnt get a wide selection of sizes therefore I could only buy 3 pairs and I also ordered another pair online lol. Trust me their shoe sale this year was amazing and I could have easily added 20 different shoes to my basket online and in store !!

I got all these shoes for a bargain,  the green ones cost me £30, the black and gold ones cost me £25 and the Topshop Annex boots cost me £45 however with my staff discount I got them for £33 !! complete bargain. I also ordered another pair from River Island online which will be shown soon . Il keep you posted. Have any of you guys got good bargains from the Highstreet recently????

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Wide leg trousers

I have been after a nice pair of wide leg trousers this past while and I finally went and bought myself a pair of Topshop ones yesterday and also decided to treat myself to a nice chunky knitted cardigan in Topshop. I defintly need it in that weather ! Its awful , My trousers however are kind of sheer like so I was bascially freezing on my bottom half of my body and really warm on my upper body. I also wore my bargain vintage bag which although I love it was kind of impractical when wearing a knitted cardigan as it kept catching and on my cardigan and pulling out threads.

Although I love the snow to look at It really is becoming annoying getting to and from places and waitin an hour or so on a taxi , please go away.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

I love fringes !!

From looking at recent catwalks and highstreets and coming across a new website called Spanish Moss I can offically say that fringes are back !! and about time ! I bought this amazing dress from Topshop at the weekend which I absolutely love and I got it for an absolute bargain of £38 !

I LOVED this dress however it was so unpratical, I probably wont wear it again in a hurry as it caught on everything and now some of the frindges are huge and some are small., so disapointed , 

Monday, 13 December 2010

Black is Back

I had an amazing weekend, with my staff do on Saturday and a night out on the town with alll the family last night, Really enjoyed myself. I put all my hair up for a change both nights and I LOVED it, suprised at how much , My manager in work did it for me and she did an amazing job !!

The minute i seen this dress i fell in love however i didnt know whether it was the dress for my staff do however after trying it on when I was ready I loved it, my boyfriend also bought me these amazing heels from Topshop, Im never going to take them off my feet !!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Baby its cold outside

Omg what a week we have all had with that snow and the blizzard we had on Monday was awful, It did serve a purpose though as it meant that some people got off work early and some didnt even have to go in at all. I was lucky enough to get away early ,Monday actually seen one of the biggest day for online shopping, Its crazy !!

Monday, 6 December 2010

ASOS marketplace

After reading my monthly ASOS magazine I came about a new discovery, ASOS marketplace allows us to buy, sell and recycle our clothes and accessories just like Ebay, or even open up your own vintage boutique, This is opening new ground for anyone interested in opening up their own store, I have a feeling that this could be the next best thing , However i must admit there is a downfall , some of the clothes is extremely over priced e.g sunglasses can range from 250 - 500 pound however these expensive items are only few with some clothing having really affordable prices.

The marketplace allows you to search for a certain style or designer , although at the minute if im honest the selection isnt massive but its big enough however with time I think this will grow beyond anyones expectations.

ASOS offers a new alternative to Ebay. From searching Ive found a few hidden treasures such as the following

Vintage seller Bird on a Wire

 The above image shows an amazing vintage seller that goes by the name of Bird on a wire, All items in the above picture are avaliable on ASOS market place and are all reasonably priced. The amazing snake skin clutch is £30 with the taupe patterned blouse for  £24.50. The hat is also avaliable on ASOS marketplace.

Vintage seller the dirty blonde

The above image shows clothing from another seller called The Dirty Blonde, All items of clothing are avaliable from this seller. These Vintage Faux leather shorts are amazing and cost only £25 ! A complete bargain, the velvet blazer also shown can be bought for £45 !

The above vintage mohair long slouchy cardigan is amazing and costs just £35 ! It is from the amazing vintage seller madampopoffvintage !

The best thing about ASOS marketplace is that your nearly guarenteed that your going to be the only person with that piece of clothing as every piece of clothing is unique , so on your marks get set, who's going to get their first and get that hidden treasure that will be amazing to look at and amazing on !! Check it out and tell me what you think, all I know is that the moment I get paid next week I will be doing some serious christmas shopping and treating myself


Thursday, 2 December 2010

Vintage bargain bags

After being out and about the town I was looking through the charity shops and came across some amazing vintage pieces. I picked up these two bags which are amazing and really similar to the current trend of sachal bags, What do you think? for 3 pound each you really couldnt beat it

what do you guys think? have you picked up any bargains in charity shops lately?

Monday, 29 November 2010

Peter Pan

Hiya , sorry I havent been updating as regularly as I should be , Ive been extremely busy handing up law essays and celebrating completing them at the weekend. Im in love completely with the peter pan collar this season. Its  a must for any wardrobe !! with ASOS doing some amazing dresses for half nothing ! and also some amazing tops, I was in fact wearing a peter pan top in one of my older posts from ASOS. Im also in love with my new bowler hat !

what about you guys, what is your favourite piece of clothing at the minute?