Thursday, 21 October 2010

I put some new shoes on and everything going to be alright (8)

Heya :D  Today i decided that I should treat myself to a new pair of heels, first there was a pair on Topshop online which i fell in love with but for some reason Topshop online was running extremely slow does anyone know why this was ?

I didnt even get to order the shoes yet. I then  on my lunch break from stressful university life decided to call into River Island where i feel in love with 3 pairs of shoes however could only buy one , might get the other two when im paid. Dreading going home though as my mammy will go crazy if she sees a new pair of heels.

Does anyone else love the colour camel as much of me . I cant imagine myself never wearing It. whats your opinion on my new shoes. Shoes are defintly a womans best friend


  1. I love the shoes and the flowers you have on your blog. Come to mine to when you have time.


  2. these shoes are real creatures, awesome !!!

  3. Super cute shoes, especially love the jacket & shoes!


  4. love the shoes.