Monday, 25 October 2010

who wears short shorts. i wear short shorts (8)

I absolutely love short shorts, who doesnt ? a must have for the summer with bare legs but now becoming a must have in the winter wardrobe wore with either tights or knee high socks.

I love short shorts. I seen on look recently there is some AMAZING pairs on urban outfitters !! must get myself a pair when I get paid on friday . These shorts are currently on sale on Topshop so grab yourself a pair they match with everything

btw did anyone see the piers morgan with cheryl cole , think I love Cheryl Cole again


  1. I Love Topshop,very beautiful style!!!)))
    I like it)))

  2. i love this blog! very cute!

  3. I want those shorts NOW! I don't care if it's snowing outside here in Paris. You rock em'