Thursday, 11 November 2010

Sometimes i hate my obsession

I have a love / hate relationship with fashion/ clothes. I love couture clothes and I love the high street, however being a student and working part time only enables me to make due with what I have on the high street and maybe just maybe I will earn enough to afford high couture things eventually . fingers crossed. The amazing pieces on makes me feel so depressed that I cant afford anything on it ! . You would have to be one of the rich and famous. However all is not lost as whatever is in the high couture section always eventually ends up on the high street.

Aww well at least the pieces are good to look at right?

Antonio Berardi- Velvet trimmed Lace gown

Chloe - Belted silk crepe de chine dress

Christopher Kane -Leather and Lace embrodied dress

Roksanda Ilincic silk gown
I really cant choose between these four , and even at four i could have picked another 100 more to be my favourite. I absolutely love the Christopher Kane one and please do another range for Topshop ! I also adore the Antonio Beradai one and this would be the dress if I was going to a premire or something. I can only dream

All images are from net a porter. which one of these dresses are your favourite?


  1. net-a-porter makes me depressed tooooo! I shop there ALL THE TIME and just dream about everything :) lovely blog!


  2. the black christopher kane dress is amazing. i love the leather corset's details.
    i remember emma watson wore the dress once.

  3. the first dress is beautiful. sometimes i hate my obsession for the same reasons too. but that's why we DIY :)

  4. I love the velvet trimmed lace gown! It is so pretty.
    Fab picks! :)

  5. I like the Christopher Kane. I saw Emma Watson wearing it in a magazine, and it looks so good on. I understand about shopping depression though. You're lucky you have a job, I'm still looking for one xxx

  6. Yea i love the christopher kane one, wish he would do this kind of line for topshop. yea it would suit emma i can imagine. did anyone see emma watson dress she wore to the premire of harry potter ? amazing.

    Yea i love the velvet trimmed one also. would be one of those dresses that would look amazing at a premire

  7. The chloe dresss is fantastic. It is simple but i am sure on it would be amazing

  8. Yea i know , i Think so to. I love the colour of it and the simpleness of the the really thin belt

  9. kane dress is gorg, love it with acne boots...

  10. I love Net-A-Porter. I regularly feature pieces from it on my blog.

  11. I love the first dress!!
    Great post!
    I just found your blog,it's very cute!I added to your followers:)
    xx Mary

  12. Yea i also love the first one ! I think this will be the only time i will feature that on my blog though i got too depressed looking at pieces i cant afford lol

    Thanks for adding me to your followers xx

  13. I love the Antonio Berardi dress. So pretty ...