Monday, 29 November 2010

Peter Pan

Hiya , sorry I havent been updating as regularly as I should be , Ive been extremely busy handing up law essays and celebrating completing them at the weekend. Im in love completely with the peter pan collar this season. Its  a must for any wardrobe !! with ASOS doing some amazing dresses for half nothing ! and also some amazing tops, I was in fact wearing a peter pan top in one of my older posts from ASOS. Im also in love with my new bowler hat !

what about you guys, what is your favourite piece of clothing at the minute?


  1. thanks for the lovely comments

  2. loving the outfit - that hat really adds a nice quirky touch! :)
    the lights along the stairs are so cool! love them! xxx

  3. I love your hat! xx

  4. The hat is too cute

  5. Really cute. Personally, I'm really into thick socks, tights and leg warmers right now.

  6. Wow your blog is honesty AMAZING!
    Haha thats a bit cheesy but i love when i find a great blog :)
    Your images are really inspirational too, kind of the same as what i post?
    I'll sure to be back an say hello to your newest follower.

    Hope you can check my blog too and follow back :)


  7. Thanks for the amazing comments !!