Thursday, 2 December 2010

Vintage bargain bags

After being out and about the town I was looking through the charity shops and came across some amazing vintage pieces. I picked up these two bags which are amazing and really similar to the current trend of sachal bags, What do you think? for 3 pound each you really couldnt beat it

what do you guys think? have you picked up any bargains in charity shops lately?


  1. i LOVE a good vintage bag- great finds!

  2. wow, i love them so much!
    such beautiful bags! :)
    stop by sometime, xx natalie

  3. £3 only?? what a great bargain!! love the bags!! x
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  4. amazing - i'm so jealous!
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx
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  5. I would love to rock one of these beauties, gorgeous!

  6. it looks like you could have some fun with those. love the blue croco.

  7. Lobe eberything vintage haha!! lovely bags.. amazing!! im a new follower!!

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    xx :)


  8. I love grabbing bargains, especially at second hand stores and flea markets. They're so much fun and you can find something that most people don't have.

    Maryjane xoxo

  9. Cute bags.

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  10. Thanks a lot, yea think we all love grabbing a bargain. I love both the navy and brown. I badly needed a nice navy 1