Monday, 6 December 2010

ASOS marketplace

After reading my monthly ASOS magazine I came about a new discovery, ASOS marketplace allows us to buy, sell and recycle our clothes and accessories just like Ebay, or even open up your own vintage boutique, This is opening new ground for anyone interested in opening up their own store, I have a feeling that this could be the next best thing , However i must admit there is a downfall , some of the clothes is extremely over priced e.g sunglasses can range from 250 - 500 pound however these expensive items are only few with some clothing having really affordable prices.

The marketplace allows you to search for a certain style or designer , although at the minute if im honest the selection isnt massive but its big enough however with time I think this will grow beyond anyones expectations.

ASOS offers a new alternative to Ebay. From searching Ive found a few hidden treasures such as the following

Vintage seller Bird on a Wire

 The above image shows an amazing vintage seller that goes by the name of Bird on a wire, All items in the above picture are avaliable on ASOS market place and are all reasonably priced. The amazing snake skin clutch is £30 with the taupe patterned blouse for  £24.50. The hat is also avaliable on ASOS marketplace.

Vintage seller the dirty blonde

The above image shows clothing from another seller called The Dirty Blonde, All items of clothing are avaliable from this seller. These Vintage Faux leather shorts are amazing and cost only £25 ! A complete bargain, the velvet blazer also shown can be bought for £45 !

The above vintage mohair long slouchy cardigan is amazing and costs just £35 ! It is from the amazing vintage seller madampopoffvintage !

The best thing about ASOS marketplace is that your nearly guarenteed that your going to be the only person with that piece of clothing as every piece of clothing is unique , so on your marks get set, who's going to get their first and get that hidden treasure that will be amazing to look at and amazing on !! Check it out and tell me what you think, all I know is that the moment I get paid next week I will be doing some serious christmas shopping and treating myself



  1. Hello! I'm Cris from the fashion blog, Bisou! I just dropped by to say hello and wow, I'm loving your style! Thanks for the tip on ASOS Marketplace as well, I've gotta get over there! Thanks so much!!!

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  2. wow this is new to me! I really didn't know asos did this! It's a great idea:)I like this post:) really happy i ran into your bllog! Its a great read and your style is fabulous:) I'm gonna follow you!

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