Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Happy Kind of Belated christmas

Sorry for the serious delay in posting I have been flat out working and enjoying christmas nights out etc. I had an amazing christmas I hope everyone else had a good one also. My wardrobe is bigger now than ever before through getting spoilt rotten and also spoiling myself which is essential !!

I got this amazing coat from Topshop which was £95 however with my discount I got it for a bargain of £72. I dont think I ever want to take it off my back. Have any of you got anything for christmas that you dont think you ever want to leave off ???

Id just like to give a massive thanks to my little brother who is 8 for taking these pictures whilst standing on a chair lol. As you can see im wearing my bargain shoes from River Island which cost only £25! O i almost forgot my other shoes from River Island just arrived today I love them  . I will keep you posted. xoxo

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