Friday, 24 December 2010

Shoe Frenzy

As you guys probably already know Topshop and River Island sale have both started today with the shoe sale starting yesterday ! I decided that i would therefore treat myself to some sale bargain shoes that I had been after for some while and with their cheap price I couldnt resist any longer !! However due to sleeping on in my bed I didnt get a wide selection of sizes therefore I could only buy 3 pairs and I also ordered another pair online lol. Trust me their shoe sale this year was amazing and I could have easily added 20 different shoes to my basket online and in store !!

I got all these shoes for a bargain,  the green ones cost me £30, the black and gold ones cost me £25 and the Topshop Annex boots cost me £45 however with my staff discount I got them for £33 !! complete bargain. I also ordered another pair from River Island online which will be shown soon . Il keep you posted. Have any of you guys got good bargains from the Highstreet recently????


  1. I like the first two pair of shoes.

  2. yay! shoes and lots of them!
    sales are always so exciting!

    frassy love xxxx

  3. I LOVE the first pair!
    amazing blue :)
    merry christmas!
    stop by sometime, xx natalie

  4. Ooh, awesome bargains! I bought a bunch of tees from Gap and they're under $10.00! I wish Riverisland ships to the U.S. They have so many amazing things! xooxoxo

  5. lovely shoes

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  6. OMG !! i really love the first one !!!

  7. love love love these :D


  8. sigh....I wish I could get to those Argentina it is nothing like that! Sales are not Sales..are barely 10-20%off...
    still we have good stuff....visit my blog! :)
    Cordoba, Argentina

  9. waauuuw amazing, congrats on those purchases!! The first ones look so much like the Camilla Skovgaard ones... :)


  10. Wow you got so lucky! I love the ones in the middle, so special!